Dove Wallet

Once again cUSD Reward campaign is here. cUSD holders will receive 10% rewards on holdings. New users can join Dove Wallet and deposit cUSD in their wallets before 30–1–2022, 12 AM (UTC).

Note :

  1. Should complete level 3 KYC
  2. The maximum deposit limit is $5000 cUSD

Join now:

  1. Signup and create an account on Dove wallet:
  2. Buy cUSD on Dove Wallet
  3. Now Hodl and claim rewards

Dove Wallet will deposit cUSD into your wallets, subject to the eligibility of each qualified user. We will allocate rewards after the completion of the campaign period. Dove Wallet retains the right to disqualify any user rewards if needed.

We hope you all take this advantage of the Reward program. Also, share this with your friends and family.

Thank you and Super happy!

Dear Dove Wallet User,

Concerning the regulations, we are changing our KYC procedures by degrading Level 3 and Level 4 KYC standards to Level 2. So, if you want to maintain the same level you had, kindly retry the verification process.

We will implement the OCR-based verification process soon, and It will help mobile users verify quickly.

Update Here:

Thank you, and Super happy!